my first one

i thought all night yesterday about what to write to catch fellow bloggers attention in my first blog today, but now i am so tied up for words that i am unable to write about anything and evertyhing i thought about!!!!

the only things that i feel i want to wrote now are about the recent IIPM v/s blogosphere war!!!…this is what seriously hooked me on to blogging. the number of people who have written about this and courageoulsy unearthed more and more un-nerving data about that insti is amazing and great… sends a sort of message to the world and more to the people in positions of power……the common man sees understands and now is capable of creating changes!!!!…phenomenal….
personally, i was always a bit skeptical about that institute…right from the time i started seeing their outlandish adverts!!! i have read some blogs (apparently from IIPM studnets defending it and all…esp defending their catch phrase of dare to think beyond IIMs)… only question to those people, is that if ur insti is soooo good……why dont we see students chucking IIM-A or B to go to IIPM???…for that matter any MBA insti in the top 20….MDI, NITIE etc etc…….makes no sense to me!!!!

the other thing that i am thinking right now is the pathetic behviour of the crowd at the eden gardens following india’s loss!!! I have a feeling that the pitch itself was doctored to suit the SA…a tacit way of the bengali ppl to tell bcci…how dare u keep saurav out of the team…..

I have stayed in calcutta all my childhood and i know the sentiments that the calcuttans share for saurav……..i have been involved in all the festivities the calcuttans involved themselves in when saurav was eleceted india’s captain and in a way i can understand their dissapointment when saurav was dropped. But the way to respond to such a decison was not to support the opposing team in a match and boo your own captain ( who has an amazing record in eden…better than saurav’s……3 centuries in crunch matches, that epic partnership with lakshman etc etc) and the best player ever to have played for india, sachin. The crowd should realise that saurav was a part of the indian team and not that it was an indian team because saurav was in it…..
and in a way i feel that the reaction is unwanted. it is one thing for the people to be unhappy, but the chief ministedr of the state…mr bhattacharya makin a statement for the reinstatement of ganguly as captian is totally unwarranted….a person in such high a position should atleat have the logic to believe that if the 5 selectors and the coach et al feel that saurav should not be the captain, then he is no expert in cricket to comment on their decison. Also, i was in bangalore for a couple of years and esp during the world cup when anil kumble was overlooked for a position in the team……people there were not angry but supportive of the fact that india odi team minus anil is a good team even though anil was the best spinner in the country!!! and to think of it sauravs bad patch seems to continue for infinity, whereas anil was dropped because we discovered harbhajan when anil was injured!!!

calcutta crowd must learn to accept decisons and look at development logically and not emotionally……they must accede that the ultimate dream is india winning 07 wc and not saurav leading india to wc’07 !!!

  1. #1 by crazy diamond on December 3, 2005 - 4:44 am

    came across ur blog thru the comment u had posted on mine … to kill a mocking bird … n i was surprised to read ur profile coz our tastes match like anything … pf, dire straits, mocking bird, catcher, sh redemption, etc etc

    also i am a doe hard sachin – dravid – cricket fan and have written an almost identical blog (i was there at the edens that day).

    nice to c someone whose ideology matches mine so closely … we cud be in touch buddy…

  2. #2 by crazy diamond on December 3, 2005 - 4:45 am

    n yeah … like urs, the title of my blog is also inspired by pink floyd … shine on u crazy diamond …

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