everythin under todays sun

i must say i was very surprised by the reaction to amitabh’s illness. Scores of people performing yajnas and praying for the quick healing of big B. I was saying to a friend of mine, so many people fall ill everyday…..but today suddenly watchin the news, something changed in my mind!!… i realized that people are not only praying for him but it is a tribute to the tremendous achievements of the man. He is successful in capturing the imagination of the whole nation, and in some way or the other is an inspiration for hundreds of youngsters….i want to be like the bigB….i mean not only to reach colossoal status in films, but he can be an inspiration to anyone to fight their way to the top in their field, redisocver themselves etc.
Probably, i was most moved by a group of coolies from punjab. they are collecting money from their daily wages so that they can feed the poor and the needy after the superstar recovers and all this because he had acted as a coolie in one of his films!!!!!

among other things, even india has started to name her cycolnes…..there was one ‘pyar’ meaning destruction in burmese and the next one threatening the india-sl match is called baaz!!
interesting names

and personally, after three days of searching through my new locality, i found a second hand book vendor and to my surprise he lends the books for a small deposit also….my holidays have suddenly become doubly interesting…

i just finished reading a book by dahl……truly brilliant……..

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