an insult to intelligence

a new game show has started on sun t.v. ( amazing how KBC always starts of a whole new host of game shows promising big money but without any quality)
anyway, the name of this show is thana vettai ( it means something to do with gold), in which the person who gives the correct answer gets gold coins (in varying numbers given by the equation: no of gold for correct ans = round number+1)…
but the real dampner in this show is the questions…..the type of questions asked would make derek o brien rethink his questions asked on bournvita quiz challenge….BQC will look like BBC university challenge compared to this.

taste this: in which country is hiroshima, the city where the atom bomb was dropped is located? and for this there was a hint provided: tokyo is the capital of this country. even more amazing: the participant could not answer

and you will not beieve that the question for a mega jackpot was who directed sholay?? (4 options were also provided)

Please all the people who matter in SUN TV, please do not insult the people watching the show, and come up with a better effort ( atleast put a selection procedure where you can ensure that people have heard about japan!!!)

oh yes, apart from the one hour comedy game show on TV, something interesting happened today…
i girl from my undergrad class called, though i do not even remember speakig to her in college

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