making a decision

forgive me if the spelling is wrong! i never quite figured out the correct spelling…try different versions every time!(google says spelling is right)

was attending a lecture yesterday, and the prof got philospohical and said
“it is amazing how people spend so much time and effort in trying to buy a cell-phone, but fall in love at first sight”

this got me thinking

i have this habit of deciding major events/things in my life in a jiffy, always just following what my heart says at that moment, and sometimes I have already made the decision and then I go through a long process of deliberations and taking opinions and what not!

just a couple of instances
I had not really thought about writing GATE ( the exam conducted for graduate courses at IIT), and actually focussed on geting myself on a plane to the US to do a PhD!, and my hard work in this regard and got myslelf an admit with aid to RPI!!
in the meantime i wrote GATE and surprised myslef with a All india rank of 112, and the next thing is that i am on a train to IIT-B for the interview.
This is where the amazing thing happens…I reach the department early in the morning for the interview, and just glance through the notice board and a board where the faculty publications are listed, and I tell my friend Badri that if I get through the interview, I will stay back in India and do M.Tech in IIT-B.
And after i got IIt-B, i followed it up with a whole lot of “discussion” with friends, seniors, teachers, relatives, and so many other people on what to do…go to US or go to IIT. But, as i think back, i knew all the time that i will go to IIT, and mostly i was trying to justify this (still some people think that i am a stupid to leave a rank 30 univ giving you $20,000p.a. for IIT).

another time is now, I decided that i will take up profV.P. proj while i was working on my seminar (really liked my seminar topic and he is the only prof working in that field), but after the topics where out and after I topped the class, I started to ‘decide’ on the project, because I was now in a position to choose the topic of a professor whose reccomendation is more valued than prof V.P…….whole of december wasted contacting the same bunch of people, and again trying to justify taking Prof V.P.

that brings me to the question
am I being rational or not, because i just seem to take important decisons in a jiffy, and then seem to validate it!!!…..(am I sounding crazy)

but then, it is my decision and it will be good until I start disliking it!!

confused soul

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