wah politics

day before report in HIndustan times was about how some shiv sainiks went and pelted some stones and all on a shop in a Pune, just because they did not put up the name of the shop of in marathi.

Shiv sainiks are known to do this, but the larger picture is this the type of politics that we want to indulge in. State/ language sentiments is agreed, but to impose them on people is not at all correct. I have the right to live in any part of india, speak any language that i may wish to speak, and on my private property, put up signs in my language of choice (must not be obscene!!).
When the laws of the country are such, such antics by shiv sena should and must be questioned by the law (supreme court/high court)

One more point that facinates me, is that how do such tactics lead parties to power. I believe that any educated maharashtrian should discourage such insular and partisan views. Mumbai, what it is now is the collective effort of so many Indians and not of a few hundred maharashtrians.

However, all said and done, this tactics of manipulating language/regional sentiments is seen all over India.

The 60s saw ADMK/DMK rise to power in TN, based on the general apathy they created to moves by the central gorvernment to ensure that Hindi is learnt by everyone in school. Why, even recently, Jayalalitha demanded that Tamil also be one of the languages in which national documents are written when they are tabled in parliament etc (right now wnglish and hindi are used), based on an outrageous argument that this is done in singapore and malaysia!

Yesterday, Kiran Shaw of biocon, dealt another blow to karnataka govt. Hope Bangalore buckles up now and try to become the paradise it was once was!!!!

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