project allotment

we had our M.Tech projects alloted today.

There are two funny things associated with this that i would like to write about

1. The allotment process is such that every prof floats his/her topic and then the students are to take it according to a merit list. Well, the fac advisors also have to make sure that all the profs end up getting a student.
This sort of reminds me of team selection when we were young. Two captains were selected and the rest of us would stand in a line for the two captains to pick from, and all the people in the line would just be hoping that they are not the last to be selected!!!!! (for more elucidation on this concept, see the Wonder years, season 2 episode named ‘loosiers’). Well, the profs were on such a line today!!!!!

2. If two students have the same CPI, and if they want the same project, it boils down to a coin toss!!!!!!
and today it was real fun (for all people except the two who were calling). So, the fac advisor suddenly became the match referree and we had inzy and dravid shaking hands in front of us. The prize: the project floated by prof Malik!!!

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