the graduate

saw the movie ‘the graduate’ yesterday.
it was a different movie, and really made you think, and is also open to many interpretations.
here is mine
i think it is a story about how an indecisive young boys, who is continually being pushed around by others, discovers his ‘independence’.
Ben (hoffman) is a young graduate who is under pressure from his own achievements, his over-demanding parents, his non-existent social life. In fact he is very unsure of himself (much like many of us). And as he is so unsure about himself, he allows others to take control of his life. it was shown subtely, as in when he could not persuade his father from stopping him to get into the pool, or when he had to ask elaine out and could not stop his parents from inviting the robinsons to their place. Even his affair with mrs robinson was under her control. Try as much as he did to take control in the relationship, he was always under mrs robinsons control.

So, when elaine came around and he really had feelings for her (this is where i think my interpretation is different), he started to take control of his life, he took decisions like going to berkely, chasing elaine from place to place and barging into her marraige etc etc, just shows how he changed his life.

and finally, i think this must have been written in almost anythin to do with this movie, but still, the music is just brilliant

simon and garfunkel …………..awesome

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