happy birthday patti

23rd jan 19??, is my pattis birthday. I guess no one in the family knows the exact year of her birthday. I think, even she would have guessed, i think i would be 75 (or 76) tomorrow, if there was a anyway i could connect heaven to talk to her.

I never remember celebrating her birthday. The only reason i remember the date is because it is netaji subash chandra bose’s birthday ( and i remember that because it used to be a holiday in kolkata!)…

and when i think of patti, i guess i do not know much (anythin) about her.

My patti was like any lady of 1940-50-60s was, sacrificed everythin for marriage, husband , children, sincere to her family etc etc. I think this is one of the reason, that i know nothin about her childhood, ambitions etc. The only fact that has stood out is that she got 99/100 in her S.S.L.C. paper. ( i donno if she studied beyond that or not either)

Patti, was always a special person to me. Even more so, because i got to live with her only for 2 months in an year ( my grandparents preffered to stay in chennai and not in kolkata). So, every-year, those two months when the would visit us was always special to me. Right from the day, patti would come, I would sleep with her only. I would sit on her lap ( i even did it when i was in class 8), and chat non-stop with thatha, while he would sit in the porch reading his newspaper.
I remember, keeping time for patti, and always reminding her (even though she did not need any reminder) of taking her medicines for diabeties. I remember going for walks with her evey evening.
When my grandparents used to come, i just wished that school would end and i can get back to them.
And when it comes to south indian dishes, there can be no cook better than patti. The heavenly taste of her sambhars, sabjis, mambazam morkoyambu still lingers on with me.
The most important lesson, i have learnt from patti is the virtue of being calm. I have never never seen her angry. Infact, my sister and I would laugh out loud everytime my father would say that, patti used to scold him when he was a child.

The only thing i still rue is that I was not able to live upto their expectations while i was a kid. The thing is, I hardly remember beig a good boy to amma, i never came first in class (my thatha’s dream), i never showed any special skills in extra curricular activities, never nothing.
And my biggest regret is that, now that I am shining ( atleast according to my school level standards), my grandparents are not there to see me do it. I regret that i will not be able to run into the house, clutching a report card saying that i have come first, and I regret that i will not be able to see the smile on their face and the satisfaction in their heart…..

But what i know is that they are looking after me and my family from heaven, and will always do

to patti and thatha!
my most favorite people in the world

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