to write?????…
today was nothin special
and right now i am just sitting here, wondering waht to write, but i want to write something.

Here are a few things that i want to write about, but at the moment am in no mood to write on
1. Are the IITs/IIMs too exclusive. Are the current selection process to these institutes the best one, given that an IIT engg grad starts of with a 5 lac package and one from a lukkha college has to do with 2-3 lacs.

2.The turning point in my life

3. How (mis)guiding are the profiles in blogger. On second thoughts, are they of any use? Now, am I going to connect to Mr/Ms X just because that person likes the same books, music and movies that I do.

4. Last few days, I have been reading an awesome number of blogs. The one commmon thing i have seen in most of the blogs is that the person writing it are avid readers. Is it that we feel like writng because we read a lot.

5. Kuch nahi likhna tha, lekin bahut likh diya:-D

Rite now listening to 1970s soft rock radio station on Yahoo Messenger. It sure is great!!! I have been dying to get a collection of these oldie english songs ( for free…not too much of a music freak to buy those….abhi ke liye free mein sun ke maze mein hoon)

that’s all folks!

  1. #1 by Rohit Talwar on January 24, 2006 - 10:08 am

    hey.. try limewire. i get all my music from there..

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