Dreams: A tale of three cities

I divide my dreams into three categories, depending on the time taken after I sleep for the dream to start.
1. This is just equivalent to day dreaming. When I do not feel really sleepy, but have nothing better to do but sleep, I just let my imagination paint beautiful pictures. Generally, I will start with a set of premises, like I get admitted to UW-Madison with aid, and then just let my imagination take it away. The granest such picture is that, I find a ultimate PhD group there, and we pass out and start a mega consulting group and rake in money @ of lakhs per day. I even fall in love with one of the females in the group and marry her!! or I am a huge rock star with a crazy fan followibng and I marry a hot fan of mine!!!

2. The second phase, is as rare as the first one is common. But then, this phase is really great and 99.999999% times hilarious. The only problem is that, rare they are, I also dont remember most of them. (had a dream which falls into this category today afternoon but i have forgotten it now). One that I vivdly remember is this:
I have to recieve someone at Mumbai VT station. SO, I tell my mom, that I will take a local to Chowpatty and walk from there. ( From where I stay, there is no train to chowpatty, and more chowpatty to V.T is not walkable). But, anyways, the dream proceeds and I find myself getting down at a non-existen chowpatty junction. The shock though is that instead of seeing chowpatty and marine drive, I see the beautiful marina beach in chennai. Still, not giving up, I change my plan to walk upto Chennai central. So, I start walking, and even more surprisingly, instead of the bridge over coovum ( i guess it is coovum, anyway the bridge on which aazuda azithu was shot) that should come if you decide to walk to central from marina, I am confronted by the howrah bridge of Kolkata. Even more surprisingly, the ever crowded bridge is magically empty and vendors have set up second hand book stalls for me to enjoy. As I slowly start to look at the books, I suddenly see myself trying to sell my ATM card to the vendor for 8 rupees.
At this point, my dbrain in deep sleep also realized that things were getting crazy and shut my dream factory to a stop.

3. This is the once-in-a-blue-moon type dream that I have. And, most of the time it is early in the morning. Log bolte hain naa, subah subah jo dekho woh sach ho jaata hai…, I hope it is true, because most of the dreams that I see at this time are really some events that I would love to have a chance of happening in my life ( and of the few of such dreams i have seen, i know some can happen only if a miracle takes place!)

Well, time to get to my dreams!

  1. #1 by Shriram on January 28, 2006 - 9:30 am

    There is another major type of calssification that dreams fall into known as STUPID dreams. These happen to me most of the time. Although i do not consider myself very intelligent nor do I blame God for giving me these dreams, i just sometimes admire at my brains potential on creating these scenes and also wonder sometimes of creating a profession out of these.

    Anyways i would like to post one of my weird dreams.

    I am a handsome, rich businessman, newly wed to a beautiful dame living in an Aalishaan bungalow with her and my father.
    As all newly weds i spend a lot of time with my wife and in the process neglect my dad. After a few days i realise my dad’s loneliness and decide to make up for it by taking him out as soon as i come back from office.The three of us take the car out and land up at Bikaner Bhujiawala. All fine till here.
    We order dhoklas and start eating.
    Still o.k.
    My dad finishes first and he waits for us in the car.
    Suddenly my wife spills a bit of the chutney which is served with dhoklas on my overcoat. Shucks!!
    she immediately goes to get a glass of water to wipe it away.
    I catch her hand and stop her. i remove my hand kerchief and wipe the chutney off my coat in one sweep.
    and a background voice echoes


    I woke up with a jerk after this not because of the sponsors of my dream but because a cat entered my room at the middle of the night. I still ahve a case pending in court with Vimal industries for interrupting my dreams with their ads and not paying me.
    Any lawyers out there can help me.

  2. #2 by kaushik on January 28, 2006 - 10:48 am

    ha ha ha

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