geomety anyone!

in my a post, i mentioned about me teaching.

Well, this is about those two hours. I taught a girl in class 6, the basics of geometry, parallel lines, transversal, corresponding angles etc etc.

It was certainly a great experience, and one which has sprouted many a questions in my mind.

Well, I actually started off as a teacher, in the sense that i read her the definition and made her write it (my mom told me to do so….exam question, define transversal?) and then started stating the definition in simpler words with some illustrations and all…but then when i looked at that poor girls face, i just saw surprise. She was just blankly looking at me!

Then, I thought, part of the reason might be that, because those things were trivial for me, i just spoke at a frequency in which i understood, and this was probably my first lesson in teaching: Think like your student
From then on, I think i got a little better, (judging by the fact that her face showed some cognizance of facts like corresponding angles)

Slowly, as we drifted onto some more geometry and more relations like linear pair and some relations between angles, the little girls inquisitiveness got more and more, and this happens

Me (K): remember this, corresponding angles are always equal. Now which are the pairs of corresponding angles in this figure

My student (S): Why are corresponding angles equal?

K: Well, are you sure you want the proof ( i got a bit tense, because even though i knew it, the proof was not there in the book)

K: It is not very easy

S: Yes, Yes, that way i will never forget this theorem

K : (very tentatively start with the proof, and i was a bit rusty and made a couple of gaffes which i corrected, all in all i was not very convinvcing) you see, this angles add upto 180, and then this angle is equal to this, blah blah blah

S: ok ok ok bhaiyya…vaisee bhi book mein nahin hain….mujhe nahin seekhna!! aur syllabus mein bhi nahin hain

K was really very happy.

Apart from that, it was a good experience. I was lucky that the girl grasped the things quickly, but still learnt the virtue of being really patient!


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