stree buster

thanks to my friend badri, i have found an ultimate stress buster!

i just switch of the lights, computer monitor, anythin bright, and play some cool music, lay down, close my eyes and drift away!!!

Half an hour into this “other world”, and it seems that I have come out of an sanyas from the world!!!

why am i writing this?
Well, for all my wishing to be a teacher, I just found out what a neck pain job “CORRECTING” papers can be. Govt of India, pays me 5000 a month, as a token for helping the profs in my department with their teaching……as a teaching assistant……..
so what do i assist in? Every week, sit and correct 1 copy of an assignment and 100 photocopies of that one copy!!!!!

last few months, govt paid me for doing nothin, as i did not get any of those jobs…and today being the first day into this “CORRECTING” job, well I stressed out!!!

anyway, songs on my stree-buster list now is FLoyd: shine on u crazy diamond, money, coming back to life, wish you were here, us and them and dire straits: private inverstigations, brothers in arms, money for nothing and romeo+juliet!!!


by the way…to all those who are reading this

  1. #1 by Maverick on February 3, 2006 - 4:33 am

    Hey i will suggest ‘comfatably numb’ (pink floyd). Amazing song for your kind of stress relieving.

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