why do i feel that i am wasting my time.

I do not just mean the academic pressure that i am piling up. Assignments left to the last second, my project work which i have not yet begun and on which i am bullshitting my guide, studying the courses that i have taken etc etc etc.

but, i have a feeling that i am just letting life drift…have a feeling that i am having no control of what i am doing……just lazing around whole day….i mean i wake up 10 minutes before the class as a rule, so if a class is at 11:30 on mondays, i wake up at 11:20 and if it is 8:30 on fridays, it is 8:20, watch a movie or two everyday, am always online and indulge in some absolutely bullshit chat (most of the time) with the same set of guys everyday…..

and saturday and sunday are even worse….just sleep, watch ndtv whole day and play 5 songs that i have downloaded over and over again….

i just feel i am wasting so much time…….whn i know that i have so much to do!!

“…the sun is the same in a relative way
but you are older….
shorter of breath..
one way, closer to feath”

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