super sunday: pristine beauty (post 1 of 2)

Murli and I decided that we will go for a trek in the lovely hillstation of Matheran on sunday. We roped in Karthik a.k.a Haddi also for the trip.
After a rather eventful train journey to Kalyan, we met Haddi at the meeting point. Had a couple of vada-pavs and a cup of tea for breakfast and waited for the 9:42 local to Neral, the base village to matheran.

We were all pretty excited about the toy train ride up to matheran from neral, but unfortunately, the train was out of service. However we got to see this toy-goods train !!!!
Pristine Matheran Matheran is the only hill station in india on which no motor vehicles are allowed. The only way of going about there are either on horses or on your own two legs. As we paid the Rs 25, enterance fee to matheran, we were given a map showing around 38 locations of interest. We got totally confused as to which to visit, where exactly is it and most importantly how far. The horse’s then came to our rescue. The ghoda-walla offered to take us to the 5 most important points for Rs250. Fortunately for us, we felt 250 was too much to give, and thus took the best ‘decision’ of the day-to WALK. However we gleamed all the information about the five best points to visit from them.

The path less taken:Initially we started following the horses, but then slowly got invited by the path in the woods, going alongside the main road.
. This was the second great find of the day: “It is more fun to wal in the woods rather than on the main road”. We tried our level best to get lost in the woods. HOwever our first shock was that eafter 30-40 minutes of loitering around, we were no where closer to any of the points. This prompted us to take a reality check and we decided to walk along the railway tracks.
Bhoot Census When the woods call you, how long can you stick to the railway line. Once again we took the path on which no one was going, but this time, we seemed to walk into some residential area. We walked through horses in its stables, ladies washing clothes, children playing catch etc etc. The same path, sometime later took us to the Bhoot Bungalows of Matheran. We came across a series of bungalows, apparently empty but well kept. And one of thers had this weird marbled circle on thefloor to whhich none of us could attribure any reason.

Where there is a will….Still lost, our only hope was to break the law, or to turn back and walk the long path to cecile point. Obviously, we broke the law.

…and at cecile point, the view…

…………………………………….to be concluded

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