the ‘Rock’ story!

Kaushik’s ‘metaphor’-isms

The road is blocked by a huge rock. I know, I will have to somehow move the rock, if I have to go any further. But the size of the rock boggles me down. I have a mental block that I will not be able to move this rock. So much is the feeling that I will fail to move the rock that I do not even want to try and push it, even once. Right now, I am pretty much happy, listening to voices from the other side and trying to make a picture of the road ahead. But even now, I know, that I can be (and maybe am) misleaded by the voices from yonder. I know that the present impasse cannot stay for long, and that I will have to make a move to know what the future holds for me.

But the trouble is that, I have no will to move the rock. I am afraid of the consequences. I want to stay shieled by the same very rock which I know I have to move. Not that, I did not push it before, but the sneak preview that I got, was horrible enough for me to decide to reamin in the shades of the rock itself. But for how long?

Not that, I do not have inspiration from my own life. A few years ago, when the afformentioned rock seemed to be no road block at all, I was confronted with another ‘Rock’. Back then, the circumstances were such that I had to push the rock with all my energy at all times. Push, I did but without any conviction that I will be able to move it. A time had come, when I had resigned from the exercise, having decided that whatever was beyond the rock was well beyond my capabilities as well.

As is said, the best in you comes in times of adversity. With everything seemingly lost (as I had decided that I was not competent enough!), I had to weild the rock one more time, and this time with just one hand. Like a cornered tiger, I was and to everyones surprie, I found that I could move the rock, and move it quite easily. The adverse circumstances helped me eat away the demons in my mind, the rock was there no more, the highway was there, empty, for me to speed on it.

This is the inspiration that I am looking up to in my confrontations with rock mentioned earlier. But then, I hardly find any inspiration, and it seems that I am waiting for another adversity to wake me up, either to move the rock or to let me know that I do not have the strength to move it. Whatever it is, presently, all I can do is wait and watch, for I do not have the strength and conviction to try and move it.

  1. #1 by Why Am I on May 20, 2006 - 12:44 pm

    was just thinking abt how we dont wanna” move the rock and take shield under it” though we know we have to…and i read it right here!!! post

  2. #2 by Agarwaen Mormegil on May 20, 2006 - 3:11 pm

    oh man, I know what you’re talking about. the right kind of metaphor-ism. I’m going through the same phase of being not able to move the rock. But it was not like this. Last 6 months I’ve been dreaming. A waking dream. (No romanticism, mind you).

  3. #3 by Moi on May 20, 2006 - 7:19 pm

    lovely post, kaushik! i wudnt know what u really talking abt but can relate to in my life! somehow i have always noted, my best comes out under pressure or adversity as u say!
    wish u all the strength and best to be able to move it to ur advantage!

  4. #4 by Moi on June 1, 2006 - 12:19 pm

    long time, whatever happened????

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