The White Carpet

Friends who have been a while in East/Mid West USA, keep telling that you better keep your excitement over seeing snow snubbed, as it is the only constant from December to March/April/May…

but, you cannot not be excited to see snow for the first time…

Madison, saw the first snow of the season yesterday, and I walked in the snow, and had a tiny snow fight too….

…but I woke up to the most beautiful sight….

…The white carpet of snow everywhere!

The ground was glittering with the snow, in the brilliant sunshine, white everywhere and sparkling. The sky, however, as though, it wanted to have nothing to do with the fury of the snow storm the previous evening, or like the small innocent kid, who behaves unexpectedly nicely, and flashes a large smile, thinking it will hide away his guilt, was flushed Blue.

It being Thanksgiving holidays, there was a eerie silence on the roads, hardly any one walking, hardly any car speeding past you, and nature was left to herself.

I soaked in the sight when the bus moved, adjacent to the snow carpet. On the right, I saw Lake Mendota, deep pure blue, with her cold icy waves hitting the James Madison Park, draped white. (Unfortunately, the words do not paint the picture I saw).

The scenery got even better near the Capitol. Few trees still had their leaves, turned golden, yellow and brown, the full Fall livery. Snow hung to the bare branches of the trees that had lost all its leaves. And, in the slight wind that was blowing, yellow and brown and gold leaves were falling onto the white ground below.

Later in the day, the sun was finally able to melt a little of the snow, and the earth was slightly visible, as I walked along the rail tracks to my office/lab. The snow covered only the wooden piers between the tracks and hung slightly onto the tracks themselves, but inbetween the two woden piers, there was hardly any snow. So, generally, I jump from wooden pier to the next while walking along the tracks, but today, I did the opposite. And as I walked past the coal factory, I could just see the snow melting from the heaps of coal that lay on the ground. White slowly dissolving to black…

Yup! the first experience of snow is indeed really beautiful. So what, if I get bored of the white in 5-6 months, I will enjoy the beauty that it is, at least for this first time…..

  1. #1 by Queenie on November 10, 2008 - 5:57 pm

    Great work.

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