Was just reading through some old posts that I wrote. January 2006 saw me write 23 times in the month. Aarambha soodutanum, aka, excitement of starting a new blog.

And, I wrote about totally different stuff, from politics to God to Cricket to memoirs about patti to assignment blues.

Of late, though, have just been reminiscing or bitching on(in?) my blog.

Need to get back to those hay-days….

Lets see, a pointless blog would be what I did today. Totally vetti. Slept late for no reason yesterday, and then woke up real late. Walked into the office, late in the afternoon. My adviser came around. Had a 30 minute discussion with him. Need to learn GAMS now 😦

Later, spent a long time reading kodumai’s of Usha. Played some TT. Ate a pizza and came back home, to finish all the archive in the kodumai blog.

Oh ya! planned a lot for a trip to somewhere on Friday. Mainly because I want to drive. Now, I am scared, because I have to drive (also because, guru has said that she is not confident about my skills). Lets see how that goes…

Later, eyes started burning and neck paining, due to reading a lot into the laptop in a dark room, and due to the worst posture ever. Tried to go to sleep early, but it eludes me. Thought a lot about arbit things, like quitting the PhD program. Thought about the cover letter that I will write to BCG (dreams’a paatiya, after dropping out), when I apply for a job to them. Thought about the letter I will write to my adviser. It will be a mega scene, that I thought about. Will go to India in December and not come back 🙂

(No, I am not going to do that. Avalvo frustration-un ille, avalo dhairiyum-un ille)

Woke up, and decided that I should start chronicling my days. Lets see how that works out.

Adios then!

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