So, I had a couple of movies and a book to return to the local library. I did not watch Marlon Brando in On the Waterfront. I just rent too many movies.
The one I saw was Coppola’s The Outsiders. I loved it. It is the kind of fare that I am in love with these days, childhood, teenage, coming of age stuff.

It is a story about a couple of kids from a poor neighborhood, who just don’t belong there. They have different dreams, aspirations and thoughts, and just do not fit there. Yet, somehow, they are caught into the very same lifestyle that they want to avoid.

For me, the best character in the movie was the one played by Matt Dillon. He was the typical greaser, flirting with the police and law, partying late, eve-teasing. However, there was much more depth to his character. A depth, that mirrored the greaser community. A deep respect for friendship, loyalty and a helpful nature. The progression of his character and its portrayal by Matt Dillon was the high point of the movie for me. All in all, a nice movie to watch.

The book that I returned was called Men of Mathematics. I got the book, after reading about it in a blog. It is not the best of books on Mathematicians. The author, took up a huge canvas, trying to describe the lives of great mathematicians from the 16th to the 18th century, in around 500 pages. So, all the stories had a incomplete feel to it. He would discuss their life and times, and write a little about their contribution, go slightly technical in explaining their researches. But, none of the biographies presented by E.T.Bell, actually give a full picture of either the life or the mathematical genius. I left it midway, after reading about 300 pages.

As promised to myself, I will also file away the day today.

Not a bad day. Had no new ideas in my research, so just consolidated the things that I have been doing for the past two weeks, and made all the plots. This in itself is the most boring job ever. Of having to run the simulations, collect the data and plot it. But, that is done. At-least I have some plots to show for tomorrows meeting.

Had lunch at subway. Surprisingly, had jalepenos and ranch on my sub for the first time. It tastes good.

Played some TT in the evening and then returned the DVDs. Rented The English Patient.

Planned for Indian Restaurant (Swagat) and Wanted for tomorrow evening. It is almost 100% that I will drive on Friday. Although, it may just be two of us, interested in driving who will be going. Surprisingly, no one is interested in going anywhere for the long weekend.

Came back in the evening, and made awesome rasam and half decent beans kari. Waited, till I felt like fainting before I ate it.

And just now, spoke to Patti. It was just amazing. She was her usual self, advising. Somehow, she thinks I will get back with a white girl. Also spoke to Vidya in the evening. Nothing out of the special happening in India. Will put a long call later.

Thats it then.


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