Phone Calls

While casually chatting today, the topic turned to wing trips and other such UG college group activities. Then, I realized that I have not been talking to my UG (and some IIT) friends AT ALL, for the past 2 months or so. But then, I do not want to ask or reply to any of these questions

  • Whats up
  • Howz things
  • How is work/research
  • What plans for weekend
  • Hows the weather
  • Marriage plans.
  • Other friends marriage/engagement stories
  • Future plans

I think, I am more of a face to face conversationalist than telephone. Cannot talk for much, especially, talk about nothing for much. If there is something important, I can talk about that…but cannot just gossip.

On the other hand, in a face to face conversation, I can talk non-stop and non-sense.

But all said and done, I think I better call these people up to let them know I am alive.

What else today?

Saw the cricket match. Watched cricket after a long long time. Infact, the last time I actually sat and saw some cricket was the day India won the Perth test. I just followed the IPL. Did not see any match. The timings were not that great, had classes in the weekdays and had to sleep on weekends.

No meeting. Saw Wanted. Tripe. It is total bull-shit. Cannot think of people coming up with such stupid story and making a movie out of it. Had dinner at Swagat. It is a good place, but today, somehow, it was not that great. They burnt my Naan.

Well, tomorrow may have interesting stories. Am driving. Starting with a small 35 mile trip. All the best to me 🙂


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