What a huge difference, a tiny error can make. Not only in the theorem that I had to prove in an exam, but in a making me realize that I should trust my instincts more.

Hmm, I ran away from a challenge. I just dropped out of a course that I wanted to do badly, because of a bad mid-term. I chickened.

But, to be frank (and also because, I am always right on my blog), I should have seen this coming. My instinct told me to drop the class, the first day I attended it, because the professor was not that great.

And that instinctive feel of something bad happening in the course, kept following me to class. And the classes became more and more boring, for what is an really interesting subject.

And halfway into the semester, I was getting nothing out of the classes, and was studying all by myself.

I guess I should have followed my instincts. Nevertheless,
1. Feel really low to have chickened out.
2. Lesson learnt: Trust your instincts. Somewhere deep inside, I had lost hope with finishing the course on the first day itself.

I firmly believe, everything happens for something good. I did not feel quite right learning with the professor teaching the course. I will take it again sometime, and learn it the right way.

And, if I had understood the theorem the properly, I would have been sitting happily with a good grade. But at the same time knowing that I haven’t learned much and learned correctly.

Well. Lets hope that this does not complicate my prelims.

  1. #1 by janani on October 30, 2008 - 3:17 pm

    No harm done! Especially with dropping a Math course 😉 I had one such course too this sem, and I had no options to drop it since it was a required core course. Thankfully midterm wasn’t too bad 🙂

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