This holiday in bullets

  • because I am too lazy to construct a post
  • Singapore is the ideal Home away from Home.  It has the Chennai feel, the Mumbai urgency and a the facilities and amenities of a Western city, a  tropical climate, loads of cheap food,  lots of people, apartment complexes and just 3.5 hours away from India.
  • Did all the touristy things: A river ride, a ride on the huge ferris wheel, Chinese Temple, Malls, Hindu Temple, Mer-Lion, Night Safari, Little India,  Orchard street. Photos prove all the fun 🙂
  • The best part of the Singapore leg of the trip however was not on the camera: The evening in Sentosa Island. The sea, the thundershower, adda and beer.
  • Did I mention the awesome food in Little India. Stuffed ourselves three times a day.
  • It was love at first sight with Tampines, a residential colony in Singapore. I just love the rains and heavy rains forced us to change plans and head for a mall in Tampines to watch Sherlock Holmes. The bus drove through heavy rains in green Singapore, and when we got down, the rains bid good-bye, and Tampines invited us with flush green fields, small puddles of water and the beautiful after-taste of rains that just left. Love!
  • Singapura must be renamed Mallapura.
  • Resorts are too much fun. 2 days in Indonesia, spent all in the water. Squash, Swimming, Archery, Kayaking, Water ski, Indonesian fried rice, Indonesian traditional massage and lots of adda.
  • We protected the camera from the water during all the time (almost 25% of the  trip). On the last day, however, the temptation to get a picture of us in kayaks overcame us, and it went straight into the ocean.
  • Lack of camera meant again that the best part of the Indonesia trip was not captured in pictures. Swimming and trying to water ski in torrential rains in the middle of the sea, and the awesome rasam-paruppu and aloo kari that we cooked later in the evening.
  • The sadness of the trip ending overwhelmed us, that the excitement of getting back to Chennai was subdued.
  • Chennai and Keerai molakootal  had different plans though.
  • Chennai is a reluctant big city. It would have been a happier as a small town.
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