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Happy 28!

As a 1st year engineering  student, and a freshly minted (legal) adult, I have always considered 28 to be a really monumental birthday. And 3 hours away from the 28th birthday, I am still a student, still confused about what I want from life; still single and still searching for excuses.

Just today, I was playing Tennis with a friend, who is much better than me, and to justify losing, and to make him feel guilty, I complained about his “over competitiveness”, about bad bounce, about back pain and everything. It  an epiphanous  moment, as I went into the agressive in complaining so that I could make him feel guilty; I realized that over the past couple of years, I have been indulging in a lot of complaining. I have been doing a lot of giving-up and I have been letting things drift.

So, here is the big resolution for this 28th year: To be more proactive in everything.